The Mabrey family's ownership of Citizens Security Bank is a story that began long before CSB became the friendly community bank people love today.

Citizens Bank planted its roots in Okmulgee in 1906, where Carlisle Mabrey Sr. became a teller and assistant cashier. Carlisle worked at the bank and owned and operated a cotton gin in Okmulgee until 1948, when he was named Chairman of the Board of Directors of Citizens Bank. Carlisle Mabrey Jr. then purchased a controlling interest in the bank in 1966, becoming the President and Chairman of the Board that same year.

In 1924, Ivan Brown, a Bixby businessman and Harvard graduate, founded the unrelated Citizens Security Bank & Trust Company in Bixby. Brown served as the first president, followed by George Brown, Pauline Boatmun, and Homer Paul.

Homer Paul, in partnership with the Mabrey family, purchased Citizens Security Bank in 1994. On July 15, 2004, following through on their agreement, the Mabrey family purchased Paul's interest in the bank, which gave the family full ownership.

The Mabrey family, combining their assets, brought Citizens Bank and Citizens Security Bank & Trust Company together on January 1, 2005. Two long-trusted banks became one, and now operate as Citizens Security Bank under the leadership of our current President/CEO Carlisle Mabrey III.

With their strong commitment to our core values and our communities, the Mabrey family continues to provide CSB with leadership and vision:

Carlisle Mabrey III - President/CEO

Bruce Mabrey - EVP, Facilities Management

Marilyn (Mabrey) Sulivant - EVP, Trust Officer/Cashier

John Mabrey - SEVP, Chief Administration Officer

Scott Mabrey - EVP, Tulsa Metro Region President

Carlisle Mabrey IV - SVP, Chief Technology Officer

Katie Mabrey - VP, Director of Marketing

Mark Mabrey - AVP, Lending