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DEBIT Card Fraud

Debit Card Fraud

Fraud Watch
There has been a recent increase in the fraud relating to debit card transactions.  This activity has had an impact on Oklahoma banks and their customers.  At Citizens Security Bank, we take fraudulent activity and our customer's well-being seriously.  We are taking preventative measures to minimize both your and the bank's financial exposure.  One of these measures has been to block certain merchants and states for signature based transactions.  If you experience problems using your card, please try to use the PIN based debit option using the keypad and entering you PIN number at the retailer.
Through an important partner of ours we provide industry leading technology, tools and the expertise to manage fraud.  Experienced fraud analysts work around the clock, watching for any suspicious card activity and will contact you immediately if they detect potential fraud on your card.  So if you ever get a call from "Fraud Prevention Services" know that our watchdogs are doing their job and preventing potential fraudulent use of your card. Click here  for more about Fraud Watch.
To report fraud or if you have any other questions, please call 1.888.272.8866.
If you have a lost or stolen Check/ATM Card please call 1.800.791.2525.
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