Personal Checking

ONLINE Bill Pay FAQ List

How do I access Online Bill Pay?

Log in to Online Banking and select the Bill Payment tab.

How do I add a Bill Pay account?

  1. Select Add Account from the Bill Payment sub-menu, choose the account you want to add to bill pay and click Submit.    
  2. You must review and agree to the terms for bill pay to set up the account.

What are Payees?

  1. There are two types of Payees - Company and Individual. 
    • Company payees receive their payments electronically.  Funds for payments made to Electronic (company) payees will debit your account the payment date. 
    • Individual payees receive their payments in the form of a check.  Funds for payments made to Check (individual) payees will debit your account when the check clears.
  2.  To add a payee:
    • Select Add Payee > Pay a Company to add a new electronic payee. 
    • Fill in the payee fields and click Search.  If the Company you entered is available as an Electronic Payee a link with Payee Type Electronic displays.If the payee is not available as electronic, select the Add Check Payee Button at the bottom of the page.
  3.  Adding Check Payees - To add a payee without searching for available electronic payees, select
             Add Payee > Pay an Individual

How do I add a payment?

  1. Payments can be added in one of two ways:  Quick Payment and Recurring Payment.
  2. Quick Payment - allows you to add up to 10 one-time payments on the same screen.
  3. Add Payment - Use this for payments that happen on a regularly scheduled basis.

How do I view my Bill Pay History?

  1. SelectMain> History under the Bill Payment Tab.  This is available for 19 months.