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Because most banks offer the same home loans and mortgages with similar rates and fees, finding a great lender comes down to trust. So, while we know rates and fees are critical, it's much more important to us to present our customers with all available options and equip them with a firm knowledge base so they can make smart, confident decisions.

For conventional mortgages, hybrid loans, government loans (such as VA and FHA loans), and refinancing, we have partnered with Oklahoma Mortgage Lenders (OML).  This is a group of very experienced mortgage lenders that will find the best solution for your needs and provide excellent service.

For loans with unconventional terms, bridge loans, second mortgages, home improvement loans and so forth, Citizens Security Bank is happy to service you in-house.  We will detail your options, explain our range of products, and equip you with the information, tools, and freedom to confidently decide what makes the most sense for you. We're not here to make blind decisions for you; we're here to give you an honest look at our capabilities and work with you to see your goals realized.

Contact a lending officer to learn more about home loans and mortgages, along with the products we offer.

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