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Citizens Security Bank NMLS Company ID: 408238

The S.A.F.E. Act ("the Act") mandates a nationwide licensing and/or registration system for mortgage loan originators.  NMLS Consumer Access is a fully searchable website that allows the public to view information concerning companies and individuals registered through NMLS.  The Act prohibits an individual employed by an agency-regulated institution from engaging in the business of residential mortgage loan origination without first obtaining and maintaining annually a registration as a registered mortgage loan originator and obtaining a unique identifier.  The Act provides that the objectives of the Registry, among other things, are to aggregate and improve the flow of information to and between regulators; provide increased accountability and tracking of mortgage loan originators; enhance consumer protections; reduce fraud in the residential mortgage loan origination process; and provide consumers with easily accessible information at no charge regarding the employment history of, and publicly adjudicated disciplinary and enforcement actions against mortgage loan originators. To search this website, click on the following link:  NMLS Consumer Access 


 Last Name First Name NMLS ID Number Phone Location 
 Boatmun  Dale  415845 (918)366-1408  Bixby
 Boydstun  Max  415846 (918)781-6114  Muskogee
 Bruce  Tony  415847 (918)366-1405  Bixby
 Carroll  Tom  415850 (918)298-7375  Bixby
 Danielson  Shawn  415852 (918)482-8110  Haskell
 Fidler  John  415855 (918)756-7993  Okmulgee
 Fredrick  Renee  416036 (918)781-6109  Muskogee
 Gibson  Derek  472604 (918)781-6120  Muskogee
 Hare  Keith  415857 (405)786-2180  Weleetka
 Kent  Brad  415859 (405)452-3214  Wetumka
 Loyd  Patty  415860 (405)786-2108  Weleetka
 Mabrey  Scott  415861 (918)366-1491  Bixby
 Mabrey  Mark  415862 (918)756-8074  Okmulgee
 Mann  Joe  415863 (918)249-3602  Broken Arrow
 Mathurin  Amber  891795 (918)398-7375  Glenpool
 McAdams  Corky  415864 (918)756-7979  Okmulgee
 McDaniel  Debbie  415865 (405)452-3702  Wetumka
 Milroy  Rusty  415867 (918)756-7964  Okmulgee
 Nelson  Bob  415868 (405)786-2018  Weleetka
 Odom  Chris  934885 (918)293-1738  Tulsa
 Orvis  Joey  757049 (918)366-1409  Bixby
 Pixley  John  979825 (918)293-1781  Tulsa
 Porter  Jason  415870 (918)482-8115  Haskell
 Short  Kevin  885933 (918)366-1495  Bixby
 Stephens  Shawn  1111274  (918)369-7350  Bixby North
 Thompson  Stan  415873 (918)293-1734  Tulsa
 Van Hooser  Heather  571019 (918)293-1784  Tulsa
 Welch  Kathy  415875 (918)369-7361  Tulsa
 White  David  415876 (918)781-6101  Muskogee
 Wilkinson  Matt  415877 (918528-3135  Jenks
 Wilson  Peterson D.  450083 (918)249-3601  Broken Arrow