NEW Online Banking Look and Feel

It's the same you've always had, it just looks better!

We decided it was time to freshen things up!  Our online banking has looked the same for several years now.  We freshened up our website last fall and now it's time to do the same for online banking.  We hope you like it!  Here are some new features that come along with the new look and feel.

My Online Banking - a new page!

This new page allows you to see and do a lot more all in one place.  You can choose to make this the first page you see when you log in by checking the box "Set as start page" in the top left. 

This page is easily configured by using the gear buttons at the top of each widget and by using the "Configure this page" link on the top left.

With this new page you can:

  • see account balances
  • see alerts
  • download transactions
  • have shortcuts to other pages
  • see and send messages to Customer Service
  • transfer money
  • and much more!


Bill Pay Plus

With the new Bill Pay Plus, paying your bills is even easier!  You can also send money to friends via email or by gift check.  Click HERE to read more about the all new Bill Pay Plus.