Personal Checking

If you shopped in a United States Target store (not online) between November 27 - December 15 with a debit or credit card, your card may have been compromised.  Please note these dates include Black Friday.

What should I do if I shopped at one of these stores during this time?

  • Monitor your accounts.  Online and mobile banking can give you a real time idea of what is happening in your account.  If you find fraudulent activity, contact us immediately.  You can also click here for more information.
  • You may close your card and we can reissue you a new one.  We have several customers taking this route to be proactive.  This is free of charge.  Call us at 888-272-8866. 
  • If it is after hours, please call Transfund at 800-791-2525 for debit cards and TCM Bank at 800-423-7503 for credit cards.
  • You should also monitor your credit reports.  Click here for more information on how to do so.

Citizens Security Bank will be monitoring your transactions for unusual activity.  Our fraud detection systems attempt to routinely monitor your activity so when something potentially unauthorized happens we can notify you.  This system may not be able to detect all fraud, however when it does you will be contacted.  We are also aware of high risk states and stores and we are monitoring this activity as well.  Please call customer service if you have any questions.  888-272-8866.

Here is the official letter that the Target Corporate Office released.